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This page displays a small example of some of our recent deliveries.  Please check in often, because we will frequently update our recent projects with new items.

Remote Machine Access Solution
SIMPLE remote PLC and Machine troubleshooting and much more.
Ask us how this solution can solve some of your downtime problems.


Have you ever tried to setup a remote access modem and have less than stellar results?

What about trying to convince your IT department to setup a VPN for an outsider to use to diagnose a machine?

King Tool now has a solution that will make remote assess a reality for most of our customers.

This system will allow quicker troubleshooting resulting in less downtime and can put a engineer on your machine almost faster than your maintenance department could get to the machine.  Ask us about the possibilities.

High pressure washer & dryer
8 Station High Pressure Parts Washer / Dryer with 8 Station indexer and rotating fixtures

Leak Decay Test Station
Assembling, testing and marking fuel lines.  Decay data is logged and exported to Excel data base.



Servo Controlled Press
Bushing press with laser distance measurment seating parts and recording push force. 


2 Station Assembly Machine

Operators work face to face assembling automotive interior components.  This positioning allows the operators to share the computer controlled screw runner thus saving cost and improving the customers return on investment.

Chamfer Machine
Quick tool change / cut to length and chamfer machine.

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